Quality Leather & Brass Materials

Bellman & Flint take pride in using the Best Quality materials available, where possible always sourced in the UK.

English Bridle Leather

The English Bridle Leather we use to manufacture our collars is the Best Quality Vegetable Tanned hide.
It has greater resilience and strength because only the best hides are chosen and the tanning process produces a traditional look and feel. We use a traditional Dark Havana colour.
You will recognize the difference between ours and cheaper leathers which do not retain their shape and go soft and weak over time.

Buffalo Leather

We use Leather from water buffalo which have a very thick hide and gives a highly water resistant leather which is tougher and less likely to rot.
Best Buffalo has a gloss finish similar to the bridle leather and is the colour of a conker. Working Buffalo has a matt slightly grey finish which you will recognize as a resilient leather for everyday use.
All leather products will benefit from removal of mud and dirt with a damp sponge, followed by regular use of a good quality saddle soap. This also helps to re-waterproof the stitching.

Leather Care

  1. If your leather items get soaking wet always let them dry naturally away from any heat source. This will help to prevent the leather becoming too dry and then cracking.
  1. If your leather is dirty, use a damp sponge to remove any mud and debris, avoid using too much water.
  2. Once the leather is nearly or completely dry apply generously a good quality saddle soap or leather dressing. We recommend Stübben products. Work the soap into the stitching as this will help to waterproof the thread.
  1. Once dry, if you wish you can polish your leather with good quality shoe polish to give a soft shine and help with waterproofing.
  2. Brass usually stays relatively shiny from the friction and natural oils in the dog’s coat. A quick rub with a little brass polish will restore the shine.



All our buckles, trigger hooks and couples are made in England from the Best Quality solid brass. The high standard of casting produces very accurate parts with a smooth finish.


We have introduced the modern nylon material Biothane into our product range because of its supreme strength, resilience and water resistance.
More practical for everyday use and easier to maintain than leather; just drop it in the sink, scrub and drip dry.
Biothane is also harder for dogs to chew through.
It comes in three colours; red, blue and green.