Collar Size Guide

This guide will help you to measure your dog and find the correct collar size.

There are two methods as follows:

  1. Measure a Collar – use this method if you already have a collar which fits.
    You will need to use a collar with a conventional buckle, not a clip.
    Take the collar and lay it flat on a table.
    Measure from where the strap (leather or webbing) curls round the buckle to the hole which you normally use. This will give you the dog’s neck size.
    Do not include the buckle in your measurement.
    Our collars are sized in inches and centimetres, so use whichever suits you.
    On the diagram below we have measured to the middle hole, but you will need to measure to the hole which is marked by regular use to get the correct size.

  2. Measure your Dog’s Neck –
    Preferably use a soft tape measure.
    Place the measure round the dog’s neck where the collar would sit.
    Pull the measure tight, but slide two fingers under the measure to get a comfortable fit.
    The measurement between the two arrows shown left will give you the dog’s neck size.
    Alternatively, you can use this method with a piece of string.
    Put the string around the dog’s neck and mark the string with a pen where the end touches the loop.
    Then lay the string flat and measure from the end to the mark.
Choose a collar from our website which has a neck size close to your measurement A or B.  The neck sizes we give are measured to the middle hole (as shown in the diagram above), and all the collars have at least five holes. So you can choose a collar size which is up to 2cm (3/4”) smaller or up to 2cm (3/4”) larger than your measurement.