Terrier Location System

Bellman & Flint DLR 457 Receiver Box

Designed to withstand the rigours of terrierwork and for ease of use in cold, wet and muddy conditions. High strength polycarbonate casing and thermoplastic rubber cover for toughness in the field.

State of the art electronics are supported by nitrile rubber for shock absorbtion to help prevent damage to the circuit board from impact. With superior accuracy and a steady, high visibility number and directional arrow display, it is less susceptible to interference. The device is designed to locate the transmitter collar with pinpoint accuracy, particularly at close range. The most up to date Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery technology, and the military specification On / Off switch which is completely smooth with no moving parts allows the casing to be fully sealed against water and dirt penetration. Tested extensively over many seasons in all conditions; the receiver is designed to be used with B&F Transmitter Collars.

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Other Features Include

  • Cased in an IP 67 rated waterproof & impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure with a 3.5mm screen
  • Additional Hardwearing Thermoplastic Santoprene Rubber Protective Cover
  • Waterproof and Shockproof ¨ Automatic Turn Off if not used after 30 minutes
  • Large, Bright Orange LED Number Display gives extra visibility especially in poor light
  • Light Sensor adjusts the LED brightness
  • Range from 50 Metres to 10cm – 162 Feet to 4 Inches
  • Five LED arrow lights indicate the signal direction
  • Battery Life Percentage indicator
  • Option to have the read out displayed in Feet and Inches or Metres and Centimetres
  • Measurements shown in 10cm or 4 inch increments
  • Fully Rechargeable with the charger supplied. Charge Time approximately 6 hours
  • Supplied with a sturdy nylon webbing belt case with side release clip, fully washable
  • 16 Hours approximate maximum battery life
  • Receiver Dimensions: 130 x 85 x 40mm
  • The B&F Receiver makes no audible sounds

Bellman & Flint DT457 Rechargeable Locator Collar The transmitter collar is designed to sit on the side of the dog’s neck. The circuit board is supported by shock absorbing nitrile rubber and is encased in a fully sealed 3mm thick Polycarbonate casing. Three coloured LED lights indicate the charging status and remaining battery life. Using Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery technology gives a 40,000 hour battery lifespan. The collar is made of 5/8” wide red nylon Biothane which is tough, water resistant and easy to clean. The collar has a solid brass buckle and keeper, with an additional keeper for security. Extensively tested over a number of seasons, the B&F transmitter collar gives supreme reliability and accurate location.

Features Include –

  •  Range 50 metres to 10cm – 150 Feet to 4 Inches
  • 60 to 80 Hours battery life on one full charge
  • Magnetic On / Off Switch with magnet supplied
  •  Waterproof & Shockproof
  • Robust 5/8” Biothane Nylon Collar with solid brass buckle & keeper
  • LED Lights indicate On and Off; Charging and fully charged
  • Battery Life indicated by three coloured LED Lights
  • 3mm thick industrial Polycarbonate casing with integral loops for the collar
  • Casing dimensions: 65 x 25 x 27mm
  • Fully Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • Charges with the B&F Multi-Charger
  • Bellman & Flint offer a full in house warranty and repair service. Please contact us if you need help and advice