Pan European Guarantee for DT457 Transmitters and DLR 457 Receivers

United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

Thank you for purchasing this product which is covered by a guarantee.

  1. This Guarantee does not affect your statutory and other rights under legislation governing the sale of consumer goods.
    Subject to the conditions below, Bellman & Flint guarantees any individual purchaser that this product is free from defects in material or workmanship existing at the time of sale during normal use. This Guarantee is not transferable.
  2. The Guarantee period applicable to all products purchased from Bellman & Flint shall be 12 months from the date of first purchase, except as shown in Clause 6 below. It is a condition of the guarantee that the original sales receipt showing the original date of purchase be presented. Any return of appliances under this Warranty is at the risk and expense of the customer.
  3. During the guarantee period Bellman & Flint will repair the product free of charge or replace any defective parts. Any exchanged product or parts replaced under this Guarantee become the property of Bellman & Flint.
  4. The purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy against Bellman &Flint under this guarantee is for repair of the product or any parts (or, at our discretion, replacement or a total or partial refund) and no other remedy, including, but not limited to, any claim for incidental or consequential damage or loss of whatsoever nature, is available to the purchaser.
  5. Excluded from the Guarantee are:
    (a) Damage caused by failure to use the product in accordance with the operating instructions; (b) Damage resulting from impact, accident, misuse, wear and tear, or improper use; (c) Dismantling of the product by unauthorised persons; (d) If the electronics fail due to moisture penetrating through damaged casings; (e) Products purchased Second hand and/or at auction.
  6. Other:
    • For DLR 457 Receiver Boxes Bellman & Flint provides an additional 5 year Guarantee subject to the conditions listed above from the date of first purchase covering any manufacturing faults for the switch and LED lights.
  7. In this Guarantee, ‘Bellman & Flint’ represents the company below: Bellman & Flint Ltd.
    259, Common Road, Kensworth, Dunstable, Beds.
    England LU6 2PW. Customer Service: UK – 01582 873263